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Every artist should have a logo not only they like, but one which also represents them...

This is a self-made, handwritten logo I designed on my iPad.  I came up with this idea alone and no one can take this away from me.  
It's more than just "SouL Elements" so click on the logo, study it... and tell me...

History of my logo


As I decided it was about that time for me to have a logo, I was excited.  I asked a friend of mine to design one for me and he did a great job.  I used the logo for about a year. However, I felt like it wasn't really something representing me.





I needed something that I could look at infinitely and say "That's me!!" I needed something I could feel and when people see this logo, they see something unique in it but still see SouL Elements. 

I read about how different companies put subliminal messages in their logos.  Most of them being Satanic or Illuminati related.  But I wanted something different. I wanted something that really represents me!! Something I could feel, something I could hold on to. Something I could love and something I could understand even if no one else understood it.  I thought about what this could be and suddenly...  I had an idea, but I had to draw up a plan to manifest that idea.

I can draw a little.  In fact, my mother often boasts about my creative drawing potential in my younger days.  I guess I was ok, but I never followed through with it.  So I took out my iPad and went to work and after about three hours, I had a rough draft.

Immediately, I began contacting people asking them to help me complete the logo.  I wanted the letters to have a nice font and not my handwriting.  For me, this rough draft was just an experiment to see if it was even possible.  I wanted a nice graphic design and I wanted the picture to be a "real picture" and not just a bunch of lines, but... no one seemed to be interested in helping me.  I'm sure somewhere down the line I would have found someone eventually who could have helped me, but for that moment I just left it alone.  Needless to say, I was pretty upset.  I told someone who's in the music business about what happened and she asked if she could see the rough draft of my logo. Reluctantly, I showed it to her.

Her response? 

"What'chu riffin' about!? It looks good!! It's done!!"


I'm like

"Are you crazy!?"


We went back and forth at it for a minute until she finally convinced me to use it.  So I used it for a couple of invoices and also for my video

"Elements Of Lyfe" since it was the only thing I'd had at that moment.

















When I found some time I started going over it again and came up with a better draft.  I started using this one on the invoices I wrote, putting it in the upper right-hand corner.  After seeing it over and over again, it actually began to look pretty good. I didn't use it on my info sheet or CD cover yet because I still wasn't completely satisfied.












Because I still wasn't satisfied, I took my iPad and started redesigning. About two weeks later, I felt like the logo was finally designed to a level I was satisfied with.  Though I didnt like (and still don't like) my original handwriting in the word "Elements," I used the logo anyway.  As I said, I am very satisfied with the logo as a whole. It's just the letters in "Elements" bother me.  I guess I'm a hard critic when it comes to my own arts,  but on the flipside, everyone told me basically the same thing about my self-made logo.  They were saying it is very creative and also a clever idea.  And about my handwriting, they would say things like:

"It's YOUR handwriting and it fits the logo.  I'ts YOU!! And no one can copy or steal this from you!!"

I wound up also using this logo for about a year.















I took it to a graphic designer and he gave it that 2d effect along with some having black, white and transparent  backgrounds. I also asked him to make them circular. These became the end products, and I've been using them ever since.















Afterwards, my graphic designer told me

"WHEN you get famous (LOL), you won't even need the "SOUL ELEMENTS.'" 

I was like

"What are you talking about!? That's what the logo is made of, fool!!"


He said

"No!! Just the logo itself. You know, like how Prince used "The Symbol" and everyone knew it was Prince!"


I didn't understand what path this dude was trying to take me down. I was totally confused. But he was telling me, because of the way I designed the logo, I could actually do the same thing.  Just take away the letters and leave the logo itself!! He did it for me and I was shocked!! LOL!! He was right and it looked CLEAN!!

I haven't used these yet because no one would really know what it means. 















I love this logo and it represents me, things I love and what I believe in. 

As I mentioned before, this is a self-made logo... handwritten and designed on my iPad solely by myself.  I came up with this idea alone and no one can take this away from me. I've told you, it's more than just "SouL Elements"


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Original logo.png
 Old logo_3.jpg
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