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I am

SouL Elements

Hip-Hop Artist | MC | Entertainer

-my rhymes are poems written in codes. 

metaphorical stories with subliminal messages-

One of the most entertaining talents to take the scene by surprise. The self-proclaimed "non-gansta" Rapper / MC... SouL Elements

With the saturated market of rap artists, very few rap artists can make a claim that they have found their niche in their craft. However, one of the most entertaining talents to take the scene by surprise is SouL Elements.


Born in Portsmouth, Virgina and moving to Virginia Beach, SouL discovered his talent at a young age and started creating a buzz in junior high by utilizing his craft. SouL began to illustrate his talents in high school with positive programs such as S.A.D.D. (Students Against Drunk Driving), performing in talent shows and Black History Month. This drive allowed him to distinguish himself as a clean rapper in an oversaturated market of hardcore rappers and rose to the occasion to be recognized and voted as “Most Talented” amongst his peers in high school.


This distinction led SouL Elements into being recruited to join On-Cue. A Jazz/Hip-Hop fusion band where he produced and performed original live music to be part of their European Tour.
As projects started flowing in, SouL started honing his craft all over Germany and Europe with performances from local and regional popular cover bands such as: 
Me And The HeatStreetLIVE and Urban Club Band as well as with Soul DiamondsJimmie WilsonShebeen, Westbunch, GLOWLabana and The Wright Thing. He's also created the SouL Elements BAND. A live band with original songs flaming with different vibes of hip-hop from r&b sounds to jazzy, fusion, pop/rock and drum n bass sounds. 


SouL Elements also released the single “Stand Up” with three other artists under EMI Records as a member of 2-4 Family (revised) which led to appearances on RTL, ARD, and SAT1.

The self-proclaimed "non-gansta" rapper has taken his deep passion for his music to another level of his potential with a perennial focus on being more than just a rapper but also an entertainer for the masses as SouL’s live stage performances are hypnotic, very energetic and its all mixed down with an exotic twist. Still, SouL considers himself a conscious artist whose goal is to create music with an understanding that he is a serious artist with a serious message for the minds of the listeners as well as giving his audience not only a little bit of knowledge, but also entertainment to drift away from their day to day struggles to experience some enjoyment in their lives.



"The Repercussions of Joy & Pain"

is an album filled with life & full of emotions: Love, hate, joy, pain, happiness, sadness, victories, defeats, thrills, disappointments, heartbreaks & ecstasies. Conscious Hip-Hop with an old school edge.

-my rhymes are poems written in codes. 

metaphorical stories with subliminal messages-



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